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Jobs and Career Fair

The Jobs and Career Fair track is included in the Bengaluru GAFX Conference 2017 with an objective to give an impetus to the animation, VFX, and gaming ecosystem.

It is an ideal platform for studios and recruiters, irrespective of whether they are hiring or not. It’s a great opportunity to meet and network with professionals and students attending the event, showcase the work and projects executed, talk about shows in production and in pipeline – how it is to work at their studios – the key leadership, tools and technologies, growth and development opportunities.

For professionals and students, it’s a great opportunity to network with the recruiters and studios to understand quality benchmarks and get a great sense of the various projects / shows in production across the industry and thus get equipped to make informed career choices.

The Fair is an excellent opportunity for school and high school students to explore career options. The students get to meet various academic institutions, colleges, and universities offering education in the animation, VFX, and gaming field. It’s also an excellent opportunity to get exposed to the Industry by interacting with students and professionals of the Industry during the various activities at Bengaluru GAFX Conference 2017 to make an informed career choice. The Jobs and Career Fair offers the academic institutions a great platform to engage with the industry, professionals and prospective students looking to make a career in the animation, VFX, and gaming industry.