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About Bengaluru GAFX B2B Forum 2024

The Bengaluru GAFX B2B forum has flourished into a dynamic community, bolstered by the steadfast support of the Karnataka Government, solidifying the city's stature as a hub where creativity seamlessly intertwines with commerce. Bengaluru's unwavering dedication to nurturing local intellectual property (IP) and driving innovation and technology into the animation, gaming, and VFX domains is the cornerstone of this event.

The Bengaluru GAFX B2B event stands as a unique platform, meticulously crafted to connect IP owners, developers, content creators, and production houses keen on producing innovative content. This event serves as an exclusive interface, drawing in selected international and national studios, producers, broadcasters, distributors, and financiers. It's a "mini marketplace" initiative aimed at bolstering local IP creation, bridging locally cultivated concepts with the demands of global and local buyers.

Global buyers assemble to listen to captivating pitches from content creators during this engaging two-day event. From gaming and animation to AR/VR and comics, each buyer-seller pairing operates within a succinct fifteen-minute time frame, transitioning dynamically to the next designated table.

Our vision is to bring together AVGC companies, studios, and professionals to Karnataka, fostering a collaborative and innovative environment on a global scale.