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Method to Madness: How Shotgun Powers 88 Pictures Success Story

Head of Pipeline Department, 88 Pictures

88 Pictures, the newest studio on the block, is creating all the right buzz with its continuing success with the DreamWorks ground breaking TV series Troll Hunters. The speakers will talk about their journey of setting up the studio Digital Production Pipeline. They will elaborate on how Autodesk Shotgun helps them meet the challenges of producing a show of scale and complexity of a full length feature film.

About Saswat Kumar Sahoo
One of the first hires of 88 Pictures, Saswat has lead the Pipeline development since the studio’s inception nine months back. Starting from scratch he has built the Pipeline and a strong team that is instrumental in 88’s success with the ground breaking DreamWorks TV series – Troll Hunters. In a career spanning over a decade Saswat has worked at major studios like Rhythm & Hues, DreamWorks Animation and Prime Focus. His IMDB profile boasts of several blockbusters like Penguins of Madagascar, Puss In Boots, Superman Returns, The Incredible Hulk, Happy Feet, Night at the Museum, and Alvin and the Chipmunk. He was part of the crew that won the Academy award for best VFX for the Golden Compass feature film.

Saswat has done extensive development in areas of Production Tracking and Asset Management systems, Artist facing UIs and Automation systems. A hands-on developer and TD at heart, his reputation as an expert trouble-shooter precedes him. Currently he is busy designing the Pipeline 2.0 that will enable 88 Pictures to take on even more complex shows than TrollHunters, and Shotgun is at the core of his plans.

When he is not typing away lines after lines of code or having heavy duty geeky chats in the hallways, he loves watching action flicks, listening to music and writing stories.