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Method to Madness: How Shotgun Powers 88 Pictures Success Story

Head of Production, 88 Pictures

88 Pictures, the newest studio on the block, is creating all the right buzz with its continuing success with the DreamWorks ground breaking TV series Troll Hunters. The speakers will talk about their journey of setting up the studio Digital Production Pipeline. They will elaborate on how Autodesk Shotgun helps them meet the challenges of producing a show of scale and complexity of a full length feature film.

About Rakesh Patil

Rakesh comes from a deep understanding and experience of hands on production. In his career span of more than 10 years in Indian CGI space he has been part of many successful TV shows, DVDs and feature films.

Rakesh has spent a majority of his production time at DreamWorks Dedicated Unit and have worked on some of the well-knownfeature films such as Puss in Boots, How to Train you Dragon, Penguins of Madagascar, Peabody and Sherman under the banner of DreamWorks Animation.

At 88 Pictures, being the first hire, he has been instrumental in building the teams across departments that was responsible for recently delivering prestigious show from DreamWorks Television called Troll hunters. Rakesh has been instrumental in implementing overall production management and shotgun at 88 Pictures and wants to make it as one of the most effective tool for production management. He has a few tricks up his sleeve which he wants to develop further which no-one has done so far. Besides DreamWorks, Rakesh has worked on many television series, DVDs and has been a part of a few successful studios in India.

Apart from his production job when he is not making production schedules and delivering the shows, Rakesh loves to get his hands on a keyboard and let his feet loose with some Bollywood dance moves.