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Story Writing

Short Story Writing for Animation is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your talent as a writer.

If you think you have the creativity and writing ability to pen down an interesting and catchy story line, this competition is for you.  This is an on-the-spot story writing competition. You will be given a scenario around which the story has to be woven. 

For instance, the scenario given last year was: ‘A PRINCESS IS ABOUT TO KISS A FROG. AT THAT MOMENT AN ARROW IS SHOT’

As a participant you have to write your story in such a way that the given scenario appears somewhere in the story. You will have to make sure that your story is concise and is meant for an animated short not more than 2 minutes in duration. Though you will have to present your story using drawing boards, the competition is NOT about your drawing skills at all. It’s perfectly fine to even use stick-figures to convey your story.

See the sample below:

You will be given 24 hours to work on your story, after which you will be given 5 minutes to narrate it to the jury with the help of your drawing-boards. One can participate as an individual or as a team, but each member has to register for the competition individually. Unlike other competitions, this competition has only one category. So whether you are a STUDENT or a PROFESSIONAL, you will have to register in the STUDENT category only.

Once you register, you are eligible to participate. There will be NO further shortlisting.

All the basic supplies like blank sheets, pencils, eraser, etc. will be provided apart from a provision to get those 40-winks of rest.

Since it’s a 24 hours challenge, the food will be taken care of but there will be no dedicated or restricted space for the story-writing participants. You can even sit under a tree to write or take breaks to attend some of the sessions that you may be interested in as long as you are sticking to the submission deadline.

Remember, the Competition Pass will also give you the access to the entire conference!  

So what are you waiting for?

Register before the entries are closed.

Common Category for both Students & Professionals

Competition Duration
22nd June 8 am - 23rd June 8 am

Please check the Competition Overview for General Guidelines.


This is a common category for students & professionals. All professionals to register under student category on our registration page.



The theme will be revealed prior to the start of the competition.


Organizers will provide A4 papers, storyboard panels, pen/pencil and other necessary materials.

Judging Criteria

  1. A panel of experts from the Animation Industry in India will judge the competition.
  2. Most important criteria for judging will be the originality, visual narration and structure of the story.
  3. The decision of the judges is final, based on the criteria set out in the competition, and no negotiation will be entertained over this decision.
  4. You will be purely judged based on your visual narration and imagination and the scope for the story to be adapted as an animated short. Remember, you are not writing for the story to be printed and read by a reader.
  5. You can team up with a friend who can scribble some storyboard panels for you if it helps you to tell the story better. Better, if you yourself scribble your storyboards. No marks for drawing skills, but the visual representation will be judged.

Short Story Writing for Animation FAQ’s

  • I have a question, where can I ask?

Email us at for any query related to Competitions. Kindly allow us a day’s time to get back with an answer to your query. Also, be sure to go through the FAQ thoroughly. Your question might already have been answered.

  • How do I participate?

You need to Register here for the competition and follow all the relevant guidelines.

  • Is this competition open for Students / Professionals? What if I am part-time studying and part-time working?

The competition has one common category for both Students and Professionals. Please register under students category for this.

  • What software and or hardware will I need to use?

Good old notepad and a pen should be enough. Some blank sheets & pencil in case you are supporting your story with some drawings.

  • When will the theme of the competition be announced? Will I be intimated by email about the same?

There is no theme as such for this competition.

  • What are the timings of the Competition?

Story Writing Competition competition will be begin on Saturday, June 22 at 8:00 AM. Check in will start at 7:00 AM and close at 7:45 AM.

  • Will food, arrangements to rest and other material be provided for the competition?

Yes, we would provide food, arrangements to relax/rest and other material required for the competition.

  • Is it an individual or a team event?

It is a team competition and you can tag along your partner who can complement your skills.

  • What could be the size of the team?

A maximum of 3 individuals can form 1 team. Super-humans who can handle the writing and drawing both can participate alone as well.

  • What is expected from the teams?

The teams are expected to conceive a short story specifically written for an animation short within the given set of rules and parameters. It will be a 24-hour competition. Within the 24 hours, the teams are expected to write the story and draw storyboard panels. The story and the drawings must be submitted before the cut-off time. After which, each team will get a chance to pin their storyboards on a given wall and every team will get 4 minutes to pitch their story to the jury members.

  • What if the story is great but the drawings aren’t?

Don’t worry. Both will be seen separately and will not obstruct each other.

  • What is the benchmark for storyboard drawings?

As long as they are helping in pitching the story to the jury members, we are ok even with scribbles drawings and this will not affect the merit of the idea.

  • What are the prizes?

You can check the prizes here.

  • What is this Competition NOT?

It is not a test of creative-writing skills like it is typically seen. As long as you can conceive a wonderful story that can be adapted for an animated short film and are able to pitch it with the help of storyboards, you are good.